IXF CrossFit was established in 2012 by Vernon Garard; a local Indianapolis Firefighter. IXF first opened about 2 miles from its current location and within about 6 months the classes started getting cramped. Even being the first CrossFit gym in the south Indy/Greenwood area we did not foresee having so many members so quickly. To ensure that all of our members relocated to our to a much larger building and are currently expanding that facility. Vernon had visited CrossFit gyms across the country and picked what he felt did or did not work best. His thought was if he could give his CrossFit community what he wanted in a gym then it would be successful. The biggest pieces that he decided to bring to IXF were educated and professional coaches, a regularly maintained facility, and quality programming and equipment. IXF has received numerous rewards from the Greenwood community for its exemplary services, as well as raising tens of thousands of dollars for various local charities through events and competitions.