VERNON GARARD is the head coach and owner of IXF CrossFit/Indy X Fitness and is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, CrossFit Level 2 Trainer, USA Olympic Weightlifting Coach, CrossFit Gymnastics instructor, certified personal trainer and holds certifications through American Council of Exercise (ACE), American Council of Trainers(ACT), the American Sports and Fitness Association(ASFA), and Group Trainer Certification through Northwestern University. Vernon is a former U.S. Marine, who instructed and counseled Marines on physical fitness and nutrition. He is also a former police officer and worked as a physical fitness instructor at the training academy. Vernon now works full-time as a firefighter and is also a peer physical fitness trainer for IFD. He is an Emergency Medical Technician(E.M.T.) and is certified in CPR. His approach to fitness training is inspiring, positive and motivational.




DANIELLE FOUTZ is the manager of IXF CrossFit and is a Level 1 CrossFit instructor. She holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology from BYU and is a Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in sports and therapeutic modalities. Danielle found CrossFit a year and a half ago after feeling the need to be challenged in her current workout routine. Like many others she became hooked instantly to CrossFit and found a different direction and focus in her life. Danielle is passionate about the whole CrossFit model and preaches the importance of nutrition, mobility and correct movement in the CrossFit experience. She spends many hours researching and developing programs in these areas to help others get the most out of their journey with CrossFit. The best part of CrossFit for Danielle is the community and being part of other people’s experience in finding health, determination and accomplishment in ways they hadn’t realized they were capable of.




COLLEEN GARARD is a Level 1 CrossFit Instructor. During the week, she works as a full time dental hygienist for Dr. Jeff Mishler in Greenwood. After she clocks out of the dental office, she serves the IXF community as well as she is able running the front desk and back office. If you ever have any questions or need help, she will be there for you!




Cody Powers is a L1 Certified Crossfit Trainer will a background in Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Boxing. Cody spent his first two years of college on a wrestling scholarship before he made the decision to return home and pursue a degree in Bio-Medicine. While attending school full time Cody also works as a Certified Firearms Instructor. "Crossfit to me, personally, has been about the journey. I came in as a client just looking for a place to workout and be challenged. But, I found so much more. I found a healthy diet. I found strength, speed, power. I found confidence and pride. But mostly, I found a community of people that became my friends. Now I'm here as a trainer trying to give back what Crossfit has given me.