All memberships are for unlimited classes

                                                                                                            Immediate Family                 

                                                                  1 Person     2 Person     +1 Child     +2 Child

MONTHLY (NO CONTRACT)                         $130          $210           $250         $290

3 MONTHS                                                    $115         $195           $235         $275

6 MONTHS                                                   $100          $180           $220         $260

INTRO TRIAL MONTH (New Clients Only)      $55          $110

Example: 4 Family members (2 Adults & 2 Children) for 6 months = $260/Month

DROP IN - $12*





What they offer: “Big Box Gym” — $24.95 / month, plus Initiation fee, plus guest pass…

Unfortunately, just a gym membership at Box Gyms still isn’t enough for over 90% of the population. Trying to change your life-style and body takes working with a fitness professional to get you started off right. Add the cost of personal training sessions at more than $160 a month at most gyms on the cheaper end, and you spend far more money than you would think. You also will be rolling the dice on the qualifications and experience level of your trainer. Big Box gyms are notorious for cycling through trainers to keep their overhead costs down. You will get little to no nutritional counseling- and if you do, it is just recycled material that can be found on a popular TV show, or read in a magazine, and not even tailored to you!

 What we offer for one price (see options above)

We are a results driven fitness facility. Our results are proven, repeatable, and backed scientifically. Our trainers will be with you from the beginning to the end every time you come to our facility. Our trainers are all either CrossFit Level 1 instructors, national certified personal trainers, or college educated exercise physiologists. Our workouts are all like personal training sessions with all the information you will receive. They last just around an hour and are safe, efficient and effective. If that isn’t enough, the best part of CrossFit is the community that you will receive. Imagine how your life would improve with a village of people all encouraging you to reach your fitness and health goals!